Global Marketing Director

Unlocking Success: Executive Search for a Visionary Director of Global Marketing in the Cycling Industry

Our client, a prominent international business primarily focused on B2B in the world of professional cycling, appointed us with the mission to identify the ideal candidate for a groundbreaking role as Director of Global Marketing, reporting directly to the Chief Commercial Officer. This crucial position would play a key role in fostering a consumer driven culture that revolves around the brand.

Key Responsibilities

The Director of Marketing would be entrusted with defining the strategic direction of the brand, steering the organization towards change, and championing a more brand-centric culture. Responsibilities would include developing brand positioning and architecture, crafting communication strategies and fostering creativity.


This role demanded a unique blend of flexibility and organizational acumen, coupled with extensive experience in brand building, a strategic mindset and creative sensitivity. In Italy, such profiles are scarce, often concentrated in the headquarters of large corporations and less motivated to move to more agile contexts.

Sourcing Strategy

Activating our network of professionals, we covered both the mass consumer market and the apparel/sport sectors, where the desired skills were more likely to be found, considering both director and manager level.

We also decided to explore communication agencies, specifically in the role of strategic planners, as we believed it could yield valuable candidates possessing the necessary strategic skills.

The Identified Candidate

Our quest has led us to a compelling candidate – an accomplished Strategic Planner with a diverse mix of experiences in both traditional and digital agencies across various sectors and brands. This individual brought not only excellent strategic and brand communication skills but also a personal passion for outdoor sports and amateur cycling, their leadership style being characterized by a collaborative, empowering approach and remarkable flexibility.