A Seamless Match for Luxury Multinational – Head of Corporate Communications

Recently, we were entrusted by a prominent Italian luxury multinational to embark on a quest for an exceptional Head of Corporate Communications for their headquarters. This pivotal role demanded a seasoned professional capable of navigating crises, adept at media management, and possessing a strategic vision for communication.

Client’s Vision: Crafting a Profile of Distinction

Our client envisioned an individual who could not just fill the role but redefine it. The sought-after characteristics were as follows:

  • Crisis Management and Media Savvy: Our client sought an individual with a proven track record in crisis management and a nuanced understanding of media dynamics.
  • Communication Strategy Expert: The ideal candidate needed to demonstrate not only exceptional communication skills but also the ability to craft and execute effective communication strategies.
  • Global Journalistic Network: Uncommon yet critical, the candidate should have a consolidated network of  international journalists, understanding the global media landscape.
  • Financial Communication Experience: Experience in communicating financial results for a publicly traded company was a prerequisite, reflecting the complexity of the luxury industry.
  • High-Energy and Innovation-Oriented: Attitudinally, the candidate needed to bring high energy and a creative mindset, thriving in a fast-paced and innovation-driven environment.

The challenges


No executive search is without its challenges, and in this case, the unique aspects of the client’s needs presented some hurdles:

The candidate would need to seamlessly coordinate a small team, emphasizing the importance of leadership and collaboration.

International perspective in corporate communications roles in Italy is rare.

In the fashion world, the merger of corporate and brand communications is often the norm. Our goal was to identify someone with the desired industry experience and with a focus on corporate communication.

The Sourcing Strategy

Having an extensive knowledge of this function, we activated our network of professionals and took immediate action to assess the cultural fit. We meticulously targeted enterprises with complex structures, emphasizing the importance of corporate communication within their operational dynamics and with fast-paced leadership. We prioritized candidates with a fashion industry background for seamless integration.

The appointment

We identified a leader who surpassed these stringent criteria. Hailing from a structured background in multinational corporations across telecommunications, digital, and luxury industries, the successful individual brought forth a wealth of experience in international and global roles. Their professional journey was characterized by a solid foundation in corporate communication and media relations, underlining their adaptability and exceptional relational skills.