Entertainment Marketing Manager

Unlocking Creative Synergy: Entertainment Marketing Manager for a Luxury Icon

In the dynamic realm of luxury accessories, our multinational client embarked on a quest to elevate its brand presence by appointing an Entertainment Marketing Manager for its major global iconic brand within portfolio.

This pivotal role aimed to seamlessly blend the allure of global iconography with the nuances of cross-generational and cross-cultural appeal.

The Brief: Crafting a Narrative of Luxury

The challenge presented to us was both intriguing and ambitious.

Our task was to scour the international market for individuals or agencies possessing the acumen to successfully don the mantle of an Entertainment Marketing Manager.

This visionary professional, working hand-in-hand with our marketing team, would shoulder the responsibility of identifying artists and musicians capable of embodying the brand’s values.

Their duties included defining the overall brand’s entertainment strategy, establishing direct connections or liaising through agents and record labels, crafting contractual agreements, and engaging these talents in communication projects for the brand.

Challenges: Pioneering a Unique Role of an Entertainment Marketing Manager

Entertainment Marketing Manager

Entertainment Marketing Manager — a role often unheard of and scarcely implemented in the corporate landscape.

This posed an intriguing challenge, given the limited talent pool available for sourcing such a distinctive position.

Navigating the Landscape: Where We Searched

Our exploration spanned diverse sectors, encompassing the realms of Fashion, Luxury, Consumer Goods, and the rich tapestry of the Music and Entertainment industry.

Drawing inspiration from these varied arenas, we set out to identify individuals who could seamlessly translate the brand’s essence into captivating experiences.

Successful Appointment: A Harmonious Blend of Experience

Despite the brief stipulating a junior position, our quest led us to the discovery of two exceptional profiles.

The first, a seasoned professional with a wealth of international experience garnered from advanced entertainment marketing roles in a globally renowned company.

The second, a promising junior talent, exuding passion and fresh perspectives, emanating from a background in companies at the forefront of entertainment marketing evolution.