Why choose us?

The perfect match is the one that lasts

We know that our success depends on identifying and presenting a certain type of candidate for every search – i.e. the right one! We measure ourselves by the success of the candidate in integrating into the company, his/her performance over time, and the satisfaction of the team and candidate alike.

Excellence in service, rigor in the results

95% of our clients contact us through word of mouth, thanks the reputation we’ve built over 20 years of experience. We have historic clients who choose us year after year, and clients as well, 95% of whom show their trust in us by commissioning new search projects after trying us for the first time.

Cross-industry specialization

We have more than 20 years of experience in the search and identification of senior profiles for dynamic consumer companies for whom the brand is a critical factor of success. In particular, we have in-depth knowledge of the Sales, Marketing, Communication and Human Resource functions, along with all their digital extensions. We know and understand well the responsibilities and skills of the profile we’re searching for, and we’re able to find them even in different markets and contexts.

We tell you the truth

Our mission is to always present the best possible candidates. As such, when it is not possible to find a candidate in line with the desired criteria, we tell you, and we tell you why, offering an alternate solution. It is not our practice to submit a short list of talents that are not fully in line with your expectations. We work with you, on the same side, for everyone’s satisfaction – ours, yours, and the candidate’s – because we know that this is the key to the success of any project.

Searching the whole world for the best talent

Our history is the foundation of our know-how: 20 years of experience in Italy, with extensive knowledge of the local market, and 30 years of global experience of the EMA Partners International group. Together with our colleagues, we are active in Italy, Europe, and the world, able to quickly intercept the best available profiles to relocate or bring back to Italy. Our network enables us to work alongside companies outside our own national borders for strictly local searches.

No barriers in our search parameters

Often the best candidate, with the experience and character that’s right for you, is working for one of your competitors. For this reason, we have chosen to limit the number of partners in each sector in order to eliminate barriers and guarantee you access to the people you really need.

Emotional Intelligence & Six Seconds

We are Preferred Partner of Six Seconds, the largest international network for the development of emotional intelligence, as well as certified Assessors for the administration of Six Seconds’ tools. International research has shown that emotional intelligence accounts for more than 60% of performance, which is why the Emotional Intelligence test is always a part of our assessment process, the results of which are explored and discussed with the candidate.