Cookie Policy

This cookie policy concerns the use of cookies and is aimed at users who visit the website owned by EMA Partners Italy e Calenti & Partners, based in via Plinio 11, 20129 Milan – Italy.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are small strings of text exchanged between a website and the user’s navigation browser each time an Internet site is accessed. Cookies are used for different purposes, such as enabling computer authentication, keeping track of the user’s browsing sessions, improving the navigability of the site, collecting and storing various information regarding user preferences and choices, etc.

Which cookies do we use?

The cookies in use are subdivided in relation to the origin and the ownership of the cookie itself: they can be first party cookies (released by this website) or third parties (issued by a different website for services provided by third parties).
With reference to the general provision of the Privacy Authority (GU No. 126 of 3 June 2014) this website uses the following cookies:

Technical Cookies

This type of cookie is essential to allow users to browse the website and use its functions. They are known as “first party” cookies. Without them, services such as enabling the display of appropriate content in respect to the type of device used would not be possible.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies provide information about the way visitors use the site, so that we can analyze the site’s traffic and understand how visitors use it. For this we use cookies issued by third parties.
To find out more about the analytical cookies we use or to block their functioning, you can visit the following sites:

Profiling Cookies

These are third-party cookies that allow the collection of information about user preferences while they surf the Internet, record when ads are seen, record user reactions and their consequent actions, and monitor the performance of the campaigns.
To find out more about the profiling cookies we use, or to block their functioning, you can visit the following sites:

Social Media Cookies

These cookies are used to share information on social media through the sharing buttons, links to the user’s account, or interactions with the contents of our site through social networks such as Facebook. Social networks will record user sharing actions. This information could be used for advertising and profiling activities.
To find out more about the Social Media Cookies we use, or to block their operation, you can visit the following sites:

How to prevent the use of Cookies

In reference to third-party cookies used by the site, please refer to the supplier’s policy that can be reached from the links above for information disabling them.
Another way to manage cookies is to change the settings of the browser used. In fact, most Internet browsers are configured by default to accept cookies.
It is possible to disable their use or to check which of them can be used or not. Below are links to descriptions on how to manage cookies on the most common web browsers:
We remind users that disable browsing cookies or functional cookies may limit the service we offer or limit the contents of the site.

Changes to privacy regulations

The site, its content and these Privacy rules may be periodically updated or changed without notice. Any changes to the following information will affect the processing of data collected as a result. Therefore, please periodically review any changes to the Privacy. This Cookie Policy was updated in March 2019.