Executive Search

Beyond boundaries

Global markets, increasingly more competitive, complex, and interconnected, with new roles and skills quickly and constantly emerging, require a broad and open approach to finding talents.

Knowledge has no borders

Our partners work in 40 offices in 30 countries around the world.
Our constant dialogue with them helps us to learn from the projects and experiences in other countries, and therefore to deal more easily with complex projects in sectors that are new to Italy.

More opportunities, more value

We share with our global colleagues an approach based on true partnership, both with the client companies and candidates, the underlying values of which are transparency and constant presence throughout every phase of the search.

Partnership and a careful selection process for building the best candidate journey possible.

How do we work?

In partnership with the client company, we look for people who can guarantee to make an impact on growth and on operational results. To find the best possible candidate-company correspondence, we believe it is essential to know the history of the organization, to understand its culture and identity, to be familiar with its business strategy and target market.
The time and attention that we devote to acquiring this knowledge allows us to accurately delineate the search parameters for the candidates, to identify those most able to successfully integrate into the client company, and whose contribution will be significant, distinctive, lasting, and therefore satisfying both for them and the company in the medium to long term.

How do we identify the right match between candidate and company?

We have developed a rigorous process and identified a set of tools that enable us to gain an accurate, in-depth and objective understanding of the candidate’s traits. This modus operandi allows us to truly understand the degree to which the selected profile corresponds with the role in question, and with the company that will hire him or her.
The process is of additional value insofar as the candidate is given the opportunity to acquire, through the feedback we provide regardless of the outcome, a comprehensive view of his/her own potential in terms both of strengths and areas of improvement.
Here are the principal milestones of our Candidate Journey:

The interview

To gain an in-depth understanding of the candidates, their experience, performance, potential, and aspirations, we structure the interview in two parts.
The first focuses on achieved results and job history.
In the second part, we concentrate on the ways those results were achieved, on their ability to build trust among their teams, to create a context of well-being and collaboration where people are able to express their potential to the maximum. We identify the talents and strengths that they put in play. The aim is to understand, together with the candidate, if they are the right person for the role and the company culture, if they’re able to quickly acquire the new skills that will be indispensable to succeed in the new context.
Thanks to in-depth interviews and sophisticated assessment tools, we evaluate:
  • Learning agility, i.e. the ability and propensity to learn from experience and apply what is learned to new situations; the talents that enable the candidate to excel and that reflect their management style.
  • The needs and values that drive them, the phase of their career in which they currently find themselves and upon which to build a “bridge” with the new organization to establish a successful relationship.
  • The ability to manage emotions and to choose the most effective actions and behavioral styles for a given situation.

Entering the company

The first months following the candidate’s entry into the new company are crucial. This is why, in addition to the follow-up guaranteed to both candidate and company, we offer the option of scheduling support and coaching sessions with the new hire during the delicate phase of insertion into the new company.