Coaching and Development

Coaching is a transformative journey towards excellence, authenticity, and well-being

We believe that only the discovery and full expression of their talents enables them to live and work with satisfaction and energy, achieving the goals and contributing to the growth and success of the organizations they work for.
Experience has shown us that coaching leads to self-knowledge, responsibility, change, growth, discovery, transformation. And above all, well-being and results.
This is why we believe it is such an effective development tool, and a great opportunity for people and organizations to evolve and grow in a dimension that is consistent with their talents, attitudes, and values.
Coaching encourages people to change and to become the best version of themselves.
In the conversations with the Coach, the Coachee has the opportunity to stimulate their own growth and evolve their performance while developing a more complete self-awareness.
Becoming aware of the thought patterns, emotions, and convictions that drive our behavior is the first fundamental step towards understanding our responsibility in achieving results. Only with this awareness is it possible to open up new points of view, new ways of interpreting the world, and therefore of putting new behaviors into action and opening ourselves to unexplored opportunities.

Our approach

Strengths Coaching®, our approach

Coaching is a powerful tool for dealing with new life and work situations that lead to change.
One can decide to change in order to achieve a challenging goal, or to create something new in one’s life, or to respond to the challenge of an unexpected situation, like a promotion, a change of department, or a new organizational model.
For today’s leaders it is fundamental to know how to guide the organization and its people to successfully tackle new markets and contexts that move faster than ever.
The ability to deal with change with the necessary awareness to make effective choices, and to learn constantly from experience while remaining open and flexible is essential for the sustainability of a company, and coaching is a valuable ally for meeting these challenges.
In this scenario, we recognize and valorize the uniqueness of every client. This is why we are committed to offering each one the solution that best interprets their needs, goals, culture, and aspirations, placing a range of methodologies at their disposal: ontological coaching*, the Emotional Intelligence model of Six Seconds*, managerial constellations*, short-term strategic coaching focused on solutions*, always with the aim of bringing out people’s greatest potential (strengths coaching*).

We amplify your potential, so you can become the best version of yourself!

Strengths Coaching® to become the best possible version of ourselves!

It is by investing in our principal talents and areas of strength that we find the greatest opportunity to develop our excellence.
Awareness of our own talents, of that unique set of feelings, thoughts and behaviors that have enabled us to get where we are, that have accompanied us for our entire life, is the key to our success. Learning to recognize them, develop them, and use them in the most effective way, consciously, is the only way to grow and achieve ambitious goals with satisfaction and authenticity, without trying to become something other than what we already are.
The theory behind the Strengths Coaching® method was developed by the psychologist Donald O.Clifton, who then created, along with Gallup (leading multinational in sociodemographic research) a test called Clifton Strengths Finder®,accessible online, to identify individual talents.
Clifton and Gallup identified the 34 principal typologies of talent, and the results of the Clifton Strengths Finder® test give us precise and personalized information on which talents an individual possesses, and in what measure.
Talents are the thoughts, sensations, and behaviors that come naturally and spontaneously to us, and they represent our true potential. They are the ways in which we respond to situations. They are the behaviors that allow us to succeed and the driving forces behind our performance. They influence our agility, speed, attitude, self-confidence, effectiveness, as well as the way me make decisions and build relationships.
With Strengths Coaching® we can see, understand, and explore the resources at our disposal, our personal “tool box” which, when used to their potential, can help us to achieve excellence.
We always suggest starting each coaching course by responding to a questionnaire so that we can gain further knowledge that will help both coach and coachee throughout the Strengths Coaching® process.
It is a fundamental tool for coordinating the action plan, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each participant, the recognition of which enables them to achieve the objectives of a personal development plan.
Moreover, Strengths Coaching® can be successfully used with teams to exploit the wealth and variety of talents, encouraging the understanding of the value of diversity and complementarity, and fostering the development of an environment of complete trust and collaboration.

Our certifications

Coaches who collaborate with EMA Partners Italy | Calenti & Partners are ICF-certified and use the Strengths Finder approach.