About us

Calenti & Partners was founded in 1998 as an Executive Search boutique with a special focus on Sales & Marketing, HR and Communication profiles.
Today we are the Italian headquarters of EMA Partners International, a global Executive Search and Leadership Advisory, with 40 offices in 30 countries around the world.
From the outset, our mission and our passion have been to contribute to the growth and well-being of organizations by strengthening their most valuable asset: people.
To help organizations and their leaders to grow, we have consolidated and refined our expertise in Coaching & Development and Assessment with the Strengths Coaching methodology, which focuses on the talents of individuals and teams in order to transform them into strengths.
We devote meticulous care to talent research and assessment, and we’ve expanded our reach in the world.
Respect, collaboration, trust, transparency, humility, listening and integrity
These are the values that define the way we work amongst ourselves, with our clients, and with everyone involved in the process.
Continuous learning and striving for excellence help us to meet our challenges and evolve.


we are proud to be able to say that 95% or our new clients entrust at least a second search to us, and that 95% of our clients arrive thanks to word of mouth, which is to say, our reputation and references.
We have always worked with companies for whom the brand is a critical factor of success, national and international companies with innovation in their DNA and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement.
These fast and dynamic companies have always challenged us to strive for excellence. For them, we use our resources to find the best talents, capable of learning quickly and adapting to contexts in continual evolution. The success and long-term satisfaction of both the candidate and the company are the criteria with which we measure ourselves and our performance. We are proud to be able to say that 95% of our new clients entrust at least a second search to us, and that 95% of our clients arrive thanks to word of mouth, which is to say, our reputation and references.
We work in partnership with companies in the search for excellence and to create the best conditions for the successful integration of a new manager. As such, our relationships with our clients are ongoing and lasting.
We’re an international team of consultants specialized in executive search, with an impeccable track record of successful candidate-company matches.
Diverse experiences
complementary skills
Our stories, our personal and professional choices, our experiences in corporations and consulting firms before coming together here at EMA Partners Italy | Calenti & Partners have enabled us to build a collective set of diversified and complementary skills.

Monica Calenti

Monica is a founding partner of the company and a certified Strengths Coach, with an extensive background in Brand Communication and Marketing, thanks to years spent at Procter & Gamble, Johnson Wax and McCann Erickson before launching Calenti & Partners.
She is an ICF certified coach, counselor, emotional intelligence and Hogan assessor Moreover, she is certified by Gallup in London for the Clifton Strengths Finder coaching method, which focuses on identifying and developing talent.
She has followed numerous complex executive search projects in various areas, mainly the Consumer & Retail, Luxury, Communication, and Digital markets.
As an Executive Coach, she works alongside people within organizations using transformational coaching programs. She also uses various methodologies acquired through different training programs in Europe and the United States.

Clara Vitalini

Clara has a background in Marketing and Strategic Consulting, consolidated through international management roles at Procter&Gamble, Bain&Company, Ferrero – Soremartec and Pharmacia.
She has been a partner of EMA Partners Italy | Calenti & Partners since 2010, where she has brought her international experience, a true passion for organizational matters, and an indisputable talent for identifying the best executives for different industries. She has a degree in Management from McGill University in Montreal, as well as an MBA from SDA Bocconi.
She speaks five languages fluently, enabling her to lead executive search projects in English, French, Spanish, German and – of course – Italian.

Emotional intelligence and performance

A study by Six Seconds called “State of Heart” shows that emotional intelligence is responsible for 60% of performance at all levels of responsibility in different organizations.
This is why our selection process evaluates the emotional intelligence of management candidates, using the assessment tools of Six Seconds, for which we are certified.